Dirty Dan Cates, World Series of Poker Champion, Storms Into Airball’s Lodge After Losing Big

Dan Cates, a poker champion and method actor, was baited into a terrible call and an even worse show of poker etiquette during a livestream at The Lodge’s card club, yet it all fit into a character who might have been plucked right from the Red Dead Redemption series.
When he first won the World Series of Poker $50,000 Player’s Poker Championship in 2021, it wasn’t as the Jungleman—his previous alias—or Saiyan—a character from Dragonball Z. And the PPC wasn’t won the following year by Randy’s long-lost son “Macho” Dan Savage.

This past weekend, “Dirty” Dan sat in on the $400/$800 game while dressed like a cowboy. He wore a hat and a bandana around his neck that he could have easily pulled up over his lips in the event that he chose to steal a train or a savings and loans.

Nik “Airball” Arcot, a high-stakes poker heel who isn’t afraid to get his own hands dirty, committed the robbery, not Cates.
Setting the stage…
Half an hour into Saturday’s broadcast, Cates had around $174,000 and Airball had $704,000 in the lead. As Cates glanced down, he saw that AQ had an offset and that Airball, seated on his right, had 98 clubs. Airball checked and called Cates’ $2,000 preflop raise.

In the flop, A49 was revealed, with just one club. When Cates made a tiny bet, Airball checked and called twice, bringing the pot to $10,400.

Cate’s trips improved when the turn card was an ace of diamonds. As Airball checked to Cates, the latter tanked for approximately a minute while he shuffled his chips quite close to Airball’s cards and even touched them a few times. Cate placed a quiet $5,000 bet, which was immediately called.

Here’s when things start to get strange: the river was a seven of diamonds. Instantaneously, Airball put in $400 into the pot that had grown to almost $20,000 by the turn. Cates sat down a little awkwardly in his cowboy attire and contributed an additional $14,000.

The cowboy received a sudden $55,000 rise thanks to Airball.

When Cates deliberated, Airball reached across the table and started shuffling his chips immediately on top of Cate’s cards; Cate returned the favor, beaming as he stared at the $89,400 pot.

Afterwards, Airball triggered the clock and Cates folded the winning hand.

You are my bitch, Airball bluffed. In other words, he compared Jungleman to a fish. He yelled at him to go collect more cash and then laughed in his face, prompting Cates to knock over Airball’s whole stack.

Cates then responded, “What do you expect?” as the whole table erupted. My name is Dirty Dan.

At 25:27, you’ll see the hand go into action.
And the knockout
While you’re having fun, sometimes the things you’ve been planning come together in the most fantastic manner. Around an hour and a half later, that’s what happened to Airball.

After seeing that both players had around the same number of chips in their stacks (Airball had $701,000 and Cates had $151,000), Airball chose to become aggressive by starting with a $2,000 raise while holding 86 of diamonds. Cates awoke to AQ nonsuited again, much like the previous hand. Cates had already started introducing himself as “Two Conch Dan” at this time.

He made a three-bet to $8,000 with AQ and Airball called. At this point in the game, the dealer has put down 2, 8, 7, and 2 diamonds, bringing the pot to $17,800.

Airball called Cates’ $6,000 wager on his top pair and flush draw. Instantaneously, Airball reraise to $16,000, bringing the pot to $49,800, with Cates calling his bet.

With Airball, the ace of diamonds on the turn means gin. He looked over his findings and watched while Cates double-checked.

With the queen on the river, things are looking bad for Cates. It’s now $75,000 thanks to Airball, and Cates makes the decision with a wave of his hand and a grimace that makes him appear like a cowboy whose ass has been burned raw by the hot sun all day.

Then Cates knocked down his rivals again, but this time it seemed more serious than ever.

At 2:19:47 in the video above, the action begins.

A few days later, he dressed up as Dan Cates and took Airball and many of the other players on The Lodge’s high-stakes stream out to a nice Japanese restaurant for dinner.

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From the Twitter account of Daniel Cates (@junglemandan): “February 27, 2023”

That is a whole new way of living.

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