Prairie Band Casino in Kansas pays out a $1 million jackpot

A player holding a Royal Flush in Ultimate Texas Hold’em at the Prairie Band Casino in Kansas won more than a million dollars (1,018,642.15)

His $5 progressive wager made him eligible for one of four total progressive prizes. His name is Steven L. He hit a Royal Flush on the flop, which enabled him to win the big prize.

Win at Prairie Band Casino
The flop handed him the exceptionally fortunate 10 of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, and Ace of Hearts, completing his winning Royal Flush. According to Kansas television station WIBW, Steven was dealt four of a kind in Ultimate Texas Hold’em less than four hours ago, winning the Minor Progressive.

The casino manager was quoted by WIBW as saying that 661 progressive jackpots have been won since the Linked Progressive was introduced on Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Mississippi Stud tables. All total, the casino has paid out more than $3.9 million in progressive wins. Still, Steven’s victory is likely the most significant.

Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation maintains the Prairie Band Casino and Resort in Mayetta, which is one of the six cities in the state with tribally-run casinos. There are also four state-run casinos offering casino-style games in Kansas City, Pittsburg, Mulvane, and Dodge City. Currently, there are eleven casinos in the state, according to the American Gaming Association.

Wins in Las Vegas and Nevada
The beginning of the year has been a busy one for progressive poker jackpots, and not just in Kansas. Near the end of January, a lucky visitor of Aliante Casino in North Las Vegas, Nevada, won a progressive prize of $100,000. Again, he was awarded a Royal Flush as the winning hand in a Multi Poker Progressive machine game on the casino floor.

In February, an unidentified player at the Bellagio Las Vegas won a $3.2 million progressive prize on a slot machine. The gambler earned $3,257,830 on the Triple Gold Wheel of Fortune Gold Spin slot machine, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The jackpot was disclosed by International Gaming Technology (IGT), the developer of the slot machine.

Other Progression Successes
February was not merely a lucky month for slot players in Las Vegas. LeAnn W. earned an amazing $3.27 million in a progressive Wheel of Fortune slot machine game. During birthday celebrations with her family, she won the prize through sheer good fortune. LeAnn W.’s instantaneous multimillionaire status provided them with even another reason to rejoice.

Progressive jackpots are not, however, restricted to casinos. Instant Win Gaming (IWG) is a lottery provider of eInstant games. IWG has confirmed that many progressive jackpot records have been broken since the beginning of the year. This includes a $403,618 jackpot victory from the Michigan Lottery, a $785,414 jackpot win from the Virginia Lottery, and a $392,703 jackpot win from the New Hampshire Lottery.


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