Three Poker Players Take Home Spring Series Titles from the PartyPoker Grand Prix

PartyPoker’s Grand Prix Spring Series has just begun, and champions have already been crowned in the first three events. The Opener, Mini Opener, and Micro Opener PKO were among them.

First Round Knockout Victory Goes to running4gunz
The $55 buy-in, $75,000 guaranteed Opening PKO was won by “runnung4gunz,” who took home $10,454 as the top prize out of a total of $96,720. The event drew 3,224 participants. Yet, it performed better than expected.

The final table consisted of nine of the best players, and “PsychFox” was the only one to win three figures in prize money.

They were then followed by “Sankanu Jime,” “Tarekkk_,” and “EpicSince92,” bringing the total number of competitors down to five.

After “Takekkk_,” “vixkixkx” took fifth place with 41,810. The fourth-place bust of “SAMURAVI77” allowed running4gunz, iva76, and dust2 killer to form a three-handed play. A difficult heads-up battle between iva76 and running4gunz began after dust2 killer was eliminated in third place.

What did the players at the final tables win?

  1. prize pool for running4gunz is $10,454 ($4,840 in bounties + $5,614 in cash).
  2. iva76 wins a total of $6,351, including $749 in bounties and $5,602 in cash.
  3. entire prize pool for dust2 killer is $4,823, consisting of $1,233 in bounties and $3,590 in cash.
  4. SAMURAVI77, $2,980 (after $623 in bounties and $2,357 in prizes)
  5. vixkixkx- a total of $1,810 ($219 in bounties + $1,591 in cash).
  6. Total payout for EpicSince92: $2,012 ($820 in bounties + $1,192 in cash).
  7. Winner: Tarekkk_, who receives $1,013 ($151 in rewards plus $862 in cash).
  8. The total payout for Sankaku Jime is $1,108 ($421 in bounties + $687 in prize money).
  9. Total payout for PsychFox is $780 ($247 in bounties + $533 in cash).

The Micro Opening PKO Championship Goes to PuruRasta
There were 2,446 players in the $1.10 buy-in Micro Opening PKO event, which guaranteed $2,500. The winning team, “PuruRasta,” earned a $266 cash reward by outsmarting the competition. Payouts were made in the three-figure range to players who finished third and second.

Championship Table Prizes

  1. Total payout for PuruRasta is $266 ($111 in bounties plus $155 in cash).
  2. Total payout for Pelehossauro is $183 ($29 in rewards + $154 in prize money).
  3. DonkerKiller has a total prize pool of $119 ($99 base + $20 bounties).
  4. Total reward for Xerengo14 is $79, comprised of $14 in bounties and $65 in cash.
  5. Sixty-two dollars ($18 in rewards and $44 in prize money) for Gimka2L.
  6. total prize pool of $58 for r77shark ($25 in bounties + $33 in cash)
  7. $55 (including $31 in bounties and $24 in the jungledon’s own pocket)
  8. A total of $21 was awarded for pokerganja 1 ($2 in bounties and $19 in cash).
  9. Total payout for EduDuda2022 is $19 ($5 in bounties plus $14 in cash).

Mini-Opener-PKO Wins It For Raven0216
There were 3,594 players in the $5.50 Mini Opening PKO, creating a prize fund of $17,970. The tournament winner, known only as “Raven0216,” shocked his adoring public by pocketing $1,896.

He won the most money after defeating “k0rnqka” in a heads-up match. The latter took home $1,127 for coming in second.

What Did the Top 9 Finishers Take Home?

  1. Raven0216- $1,896
  2. k0rnqka-$1,127
  3. sn00ka6677-$812
  4. TomaBadToma-$535
  5. BruXoo-$317
  6. Paulera293-$316
  7. Moneysniper-$286
  8. Metalhands-$129
  9. PtitWinnie-$137


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