How to play poker with friends online?

Poker isn’t always about making cold-blooded math calculations and winning a lot of money. Sometimes, all you need to do is hang out with your friends and play your favorite card game. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get enough people together in a good place to play poker. Online poker comes into play here.

Private matchmaking.

Private matchmaking is the most common way for people to play online games with their friends. Most poker apps let players set up private games and invite friends to join. These games can be changed a lot, and the person who made the lobby can change the rules however he wants. The default currency in these games is “chips,” but you can switch to real money if you want to spice things up. All of the most popular poker apps have an easy-to-use interface and good graphics, so you can play with your friends in a pleasant and comfortable way.

Social media.

Some players also like to use social media. Poker is one of the games that can be played on many social media sites. This means that you don’t need any extra software. The main benefit of this method is that it is simple and easy to use. You don’t have to make separate accounts for some apps; you just need an account on a certain platform. Another benefit is that it costs nothing to play poker on social media. But there may also be ads, which can be annoying to some players.

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